Johnson County Planner Gives First Quarter Report, Subdivision Regulations A Main Focus

Jim Waller

Johnson County Planner Jim Waller came before the county commission during their last regular meeting to give a quarterly report on happenings in the planning office so far in 2016.

Business has been steady so far this year, he said, with five septic system permits being issued so far, compared to one permit issued during the same period in 2015.
Four of the permits were for new systems and one was for a replacement system.

He has handled inquiries into minor subdivisions, with one likely to come before the commissioners in the next couple of months for their approval.

Waller said the main reason for the report to the commissioners was to keep them updated on the status of the county subdivision regulations, and explained what has been happening.

Waller said they have defined an outline format for the regulations, with about 8 or 9 Articles total. So far he said, they have worked through Articles 1 and 2.
The plan is to combine both minor and major subdivision regulations to make an all-encompassing “Johnson County Subdivision Regulations.”

The document is currently about 90 pages, and his goal is to cut as many pages out as possible.

His plan is to complete the regulations by the end of 2016.