Johnson County Still Discussing Shooting Range At Airport

Johnson County's Commissioners are still discussing the possibility of allowing an indoor shooting range near the airport on county-owned land, but discussions are leaning to either selling the land to the group that will build the complex, or finding some other county-owned land elsewhere that could be sold to them away from the airport.

At their last meeting, the commissioners discussed the possibly leasing the land to the Johnson County Indoor Shooting Range Committee (JCISRC), which is favored by the Airport Board, while Commissioner Jim Hicks would like to see the complex built on land not owned by the county and away from the airport to remove the county from any possible responsibility if something should go wrong at the facility.

The JCISRC approached the county in the last year to secure a spot to build the indoor facility that would be built, maintained, and run to National Rifle Association safety standards, but Hicks and some others have questioned if the proposed site is ideal, and if the facility is built elsewhee to make sure the county is not held liable for any possible future litigation.

Although the commissioners discussed the issue at length, no decision was made at the meeting, other than to continue working with the JCISRC to find a solution acceptable to all parties involved.