Johnson County Wellness Group Discusses Obesity Epidemic

Wednesday afternoon the Johnson County Wellness Group had their quarterly meeting, this time focusing on the Obesity Epidemic in this country and the problem with underage drinking in the State of Wyoming.

Julia Bettinger spoke on the rising obesity epidemic in this country and gave alarming statistics that have really taken off in the last few years.
In 2010, 63% of the population in the US was considered overweight or obese.
Children have really shown a huge increase as well. In 1980, only 5% of kids were obese but in 2008, a full 20% of kids ages 12-19 were considered obese.

These statistics have moved the Community Resource Center of Johnson County to host a future four-part Community Forum on the matter, and to form a group to compile a Community Action Plan to work toward reversing these alarming health trends.

If interested, contact Julia Bettinger at the CRC/JoCo at 684-7933.

Also discussed was First Lady Carol Mead's program to eliminate underage drinking in Wyoming.

According to their website, underage drinkers consume nearly 20% of all alcohol sold in Wyoming. Underage drinking is a leading factor in the top three causes of death among youth in Wyoming: automobile crashes, homicides, and suicides.

For more information and to find out how to help with the program, go to