Justice Center JPB Discusses Building's HVAC System

The Criminal Justice Center's Joint Powers Board, at their last meeting, discussed the HVAC system and a possible service agreement to provide maintenance to the system at the new justice center.

At the commissioners' last meeting October 2, Powder River Heating and Air Conditioning gave an estimate of $7,000 to bring the new system up to specs and then estimated $22,000 per year for scheduled maintenance.

Groathouse Construction, according to discussions at the meeting, claims they paid Powder River for maintenance that was supposed to be done during the last year during the HVAC system's warranty period.

The JPB decided to bring all parties together at the next commission meeting November 7th to discuss and resolve the issue.

The board approved a request from Public Health to use the old garage bay at the old jail as a staging area for mock disaster drills and for real emergency situations should they happen in the future.

Also approved was a request from Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder to purchase blinds for the new Justice center. In areas of the administrative offices during certain times of day, sunlight shining into the building makes it impossible to read their computer screens. The quote for $2,088 for the purchase and installation of the blinds was approved bu the board.