Justice Center JPB OKs Items At Quarterly Meeting

The Joint Powers Board for the Buffalo/Johnson County Justice Center had their quarterly meeting with the county commissioners and approved and accepted a number of items the board had on their agenda.

The board approved and accepted the treasurer' financial report, which showed a balance of nearly $37,100 in the checking account, and Certificates of Deposit for roughly $17,900 for a total of nearly $55,000.

Next was a discussion on the fire extinguishers at the justice center.
This is a budget item that needed to be added to their budget, to either re-charge or replace all of the exinguishers in the building.
Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder was asked to getting the project done and report back to the board the cost of doing so.

The board discussed various ideas on how best to continue providing Information Technology to the justice center, judicial center and the other county buildings considering former IT Specialist Rande Money had recently passed away.
The board agreed to sitting down with the sheriff's office/police department and discussing the issue further, to compile duties and requirements needed for the new position.

The board agreed to approach the Buffalo City Council to split the $1,200 cost evenly with the county to send a deputy for RIMS training.
RIMS training, as Sheriff Steve Kozisek explained at the meeting, is an annual training that keeps the deputy updated on any of the software programs in the dispatch center and any of the supplemental programs needed in the justice/judicial center.
The sheriff has been absorbing that cost in his annual budget to this point, but would like to see the cost of the class put into the joint powers board budget.