Kobza Concerned That Legislators Acted on Inaccurate Information

Marty Kobza, who's superintendent of Sheridan County School District 1, says he's concerned that Wyoming legislators have made cuts to public education in response to inaccurate information.

In an interview recently with Sheridan Media, Kobza pointed to a recent sale of mineral rights on public land. He said the sale brought $30 million, which is the highest sale since 2011.

Kobza said markets have been, and are, at record highs, which is good news for the funds that Wyoming has invested. Kobza said he's encouraged by the mineral rights sale, because it means the oil companies and others in the marketplace are predicting a much brighter future. But, he said, that's why he's concerned that the state projections on which the Legislature has based funding cuts to education, are inaccurate.

He said the price in fact has gone over $3. He said coal production went up in Campbell County over 60 percent this fall, and coal companies there are hiring again. He said those are signs, to him, that the economic situation isn't as dire as the projections lead people to believe. He said he sees hope on the horizon economically, while the state is taking really dramatic action to cut education funding.