Land Trust Completes Outdoor Education Center Feasibility Study

The Sheridan Community Land Trust has completed a study into the feasibility of creating an Outdoor Education Center in the Sheridan area.

Grace Cannon, who was the project coordinator, worked with Land Trust staff to put together an Advisory Committee and conduct interviews with various stakeholders in the community. Land Trust Executive Director Colin Betzler says that going back to the mission of the Land Trust is what prompted the study.

Betzler said the study isn’t one that was done to be placed on a shelf to collect dust.

Betzler said that while fostering connections among community entities, an Outdoor Education Center that emphasizes the history, geography, and the unique cultures within the Bighorn region with an interdisciplinary approach would stand out not only in the region, but also among OECs across the country.

He said that in addition to the Advisory Committee of stakeholders in the Sheridan community, a meeting was held in Crow Agency in order to incorporate feedback from the Crow community about how an OEC might similarly involve and benefit their own communities and help strengthen authentic cultural ties between the two communities. Betzler added that there will be several outreach meetings both in Wyoming and Montana to determine what individuals and entities may be interested in moving forward with pilot programs in the 2017-18 school year.

A PDF of the feasibility study has been attached below.

oec_feasiblity_study_report_final_031617.pdf3.12 MB