Latest Funding Proposal a 'Killer' For District 1

Sheridan County School District 1 Trustee Gary Reynolds speakers to legislators. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The latest funding proposal for Wyoming school districts would be a “killer” for Sheridan County School District 1.

That's what District 1 Trustee Gary Reynolds told state legislators for Sheridan and Johnson counties during Wednesday's legislative forum.

District 1 has just over 90 teachers. Reynolds said the Legislative Service Office hasn't been able to get the proposed model out to the public, so District 1 personnel and trustees don't know what impact it will actually have.

Reynolds noted some accomplishments achieved by Wyoming's Legislature in education because of past funding. He said students in only three states in the nation have scored better in fourth grade reading than Wyoming, five states better in eighth grade reading, and only two states better in fourth grade math.

Reynolds said oil prices and natural gas prices are up somewhat, and that should help the state's finances, but he suggested that the Legislature consider using some of the rainy day funds that have been set aside in past years. He also suggested that the Legislature consider a temporary moratorium on moving state funds to investment accounts.

District 1 Superintendent Marty Kobza aid he knows the state is in tough times, but he said he believes the state needs to have a long-term vision that includes looking at other revenue sources for education.

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School District 1 Trustee Gary Reynolds, left, and Superintendent Marty Kobza. (Photo by Pat Blair)