Lead Test Kits Available Through Johnson County Public Health

Johnson County Public Health

***UPDATE 04/08/16 11:30am***

Johnson County Public Health has informed Sheridan Media that the test kits they have on hand are not the correct ones needed to test for lead. They are now referring residents that want to test the water in their homes to Inter-Mountain Labs in Sheridan or the City of Buffalo for the test kits.
Also, Public Health will not be transporting the test kits to Sheridan as previously reported.
We apologize for any confusion.

Buffalo residents concerned about a recent announcement of elevated lead levels in the water at some Buffalo homes and other buildings, and who wish to test their water can save themselves trips back and forth to Sheridan's Inter-Mountain Laboratories by using the service offered by Johnson County Public Health.

They announced that Buffalo residents can pick up water testing kits from them the public health office, capture the samples, and return them to public health who will then transport them to Sheridan for testing, returning them to Buffalo once the testing is complete.

Buffalo residents who wish to have their water tested for lead will still be liable for the $40 cost of the testing, but public health is offering the transport service to and from Sheridan free of charge.

For more information, contact Robin King at Johnson County Public Health, 85 Klondike Dr. in Buffalo, or call
(307) 684-2564.

Also, questions can be directed to: Inter-Mountain Laboratories, Water Testing Service, (307) 672-8945.

More information on lead can be found at https://www3.epa.gov/