Legislative Forum: Clearmont Mayor Says Town Needs State Funds

Clearmont Mayor Chris Schock encouraged legislators Wednesday, who were gathered for a legislative forum in Sheridan to embrace the Madden formula.

His reference was to Representative Mike Madden of Buffalo’s attempts through co-chairing the state revenue committee to help smaller, poorer cities, towns and counties receive supplemental funding to meet their needs. Madden was sitting on the forum panel. Schock said his town needs infrastructure replaced, like water mains, streets and landfill.

Senator Dave Kinskey of Sheridan asked about the status of the Madden bill Schock referenced, to which Madden, himself, responded.

Following the mayor’s presentation, Senator Bruce Burns of Sheridan wanted to know more specifics about the mayor’s funding request.

Burns said he was still waiting for an answer, at which time Kinskey and Representative Rosie Berger joined the conversation.

Berger went on to say that was part of the argument they’ve heard for years, that there must be enough money there to complete an entire project. Burns still pressed for an exact figure from the mayor.

The mayor was one of four from local communities who spoke to the legislators about funding for municipalities. The others were Mayor Peter Clark of Ranchester, Mayor Norm Anderson of Dayton and Mayor John Heath of Sheridan.