Legislative Forum: Critical Air Service

CAST President Shawn Parker and CAST Administrator Renee Obermueller at Thursday's Legislative Forum. (Photo Ron Richter ©)

The Critical Air Service Team, or CAST was formed in 2012 as a venture between Sheridan and Johnson County residents, local governments, travel and tourism and economic development personnel.

CAST was responsible for bringing Denver Air Connection to the Sheridan County Airport in November of last year, providing round trip air service to Denver. At Thursday’s Legislative Forum, CAST President Shawn Parker talked about the partnership with Fremont County that added a stop in Riverton to Denver Air Connection’s schedule.

Parker said the partnership with FAST also allowed the contract with Denver Air Connection to be extended through June of next year. State Senator Dave Kinskey of Sheridan offered some advice for the Critical Air Service Team.

Kinskey’s advice was in response to Representative Bo Biteman’s question of whether CAST was looking at the possibility of making it more affordable for those that are flying with children.

CAST Administrator Renee Obermueller said that the cost prohibitive issue is one that CAST deals with regularly and that the concern is how will CAST find the funding to continue air service for another year if they can’t continue to increase revenue.

CAST President Shawn Parker at Thursday's Legislative Forum. (Photo Ron Richter ©)
State Senator Dave Kinskey (Photo Ron Richter ©)
From left to right: CAST President Shawn Parker, CAST Administrator Renee Obermueller and Sheridan County Airport Manager John Stopka (Photo Ron Richter ©)
State Representative Bo Biteman at Thursday's Legislative Forum (Photo Ron Richter ©)
CAST Administrator Renee Obermueller (Photo Ron Richter ©)