Legislative Forum: Making the Cut in Education

Sheridan County School District #2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Last week the State Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee voted to cut $45 million in K-12 education funding. Earlier this week at the Legislative Forum in Sheridan, State Representative Rosie Berger talked about the committee’s decision that will cut $15 million in the first year of the biennium, and $30 million in the second.

School District #2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty said the cuts aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

The cuts, which still must be approved by the full legislature next month during their Budget Session, would come from the School Foundation Account, which is a block grant that guarantees a certain level of funding for all school districts within the state, based on enrollment numbers.

State Representative Rosie Berger of Big Horn (Photo Ron Richter ©)