Legislative Subcommittee Releases Potential K-12 Funding Deficit Solutions

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A white paper identifying areas with proposed solutions to the state’s anticipated K-12 education revenue-expenditure imbalance has been released by a Subcommittee of the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Education Committee.

The State is currently facing an estimated $400 million shortfall in funding education over the next several years.

The subcommittee has identified five areas where the Legislature can find solutions to this problem. Each area may yield approximately $80 million. According the the Wyoming Legislative Service Office, the five areas combined could potentially fill the projected deficit. The Subcommittee is requesting public comment on the proposed solutions which may be submitted through January 4 on the Legislature’s website.

Public comment provided to the subcommittee will be used to make recommendations to the House and Senate Education Committees as the members consider whether to sponsor legislation during the 2017 General Session. Any draft legislation considered by the House and Senate Education Committees would be heard in public meetings during the first week of the General Session. The white paper containing the five proposed solutions has been attached below. You can comment on the proposed solutions by following the link provided here: http://www.wyoleg.gov/PostCommen...

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