Legislators Accept Committee Assignments

The committee assignments have been finalized for the upcoming 63rd session of the Wyoming Legislature.

On the House side, Mike Madden of Buffalo will serve as chairman of the revenue committee, joined by Mark Jennings of Sheridan. Jennings will also serve on the corporations committee. John Patton of Sheridan was appointed as chairman of the education committee.

On the Senate side, Bruce Burns of Sheridan will serve on the appropriations committee, and Dave Kinskey of Sheridan will serve on both the judiciary and revenue committees.

Legislators from Gillette will serve as follows: in the House, Roy Edwards on the revenue and corporations committee, Bill Pownell on the judiciary committee, Eric Barlow and Scott Clem on the travel committee, and Barlow and Norine Kasperik on the labor committee; in the Senate, Michael Von Flatern, judiciary and chairman of the minerals committee, and Jeff Wasserburger, appropriations.

The assignments were made following party caucuses held over the weekend. The first day of the session is scheduled for Jan. 13.