Legislators Go Home for Long Weekend

State Rep. Mark Kinner is back home in Sheridan for a few days.

In an interview Friday with Sheridan Media, Kinner said the Legislature is taking a long weekend break in observance of President's Day on Monday. He said both houses of the Legislature got out Thursday afternoon, and don't have to be back in Cheyenne until Tuesday.

He said the weather in Cheyenne has in fact been considerably warmer than in Sheridan, and they haven't had the snow in that part of the state.

On the other hand, he said, the wind hasn't really mattered to the state's lawmakers because they've been too busy to spend much time outdoors. But for now, he's enjoying being back in Sheridan.

Kinner said only nine days remain for this year's legislative session, four this week and five next. He said by Friday, all bills have to be out of committee and on the House and Senate floors if they're to be considered.