Library Auction Raises $32,000

The past weekend's Friends of the Library Auction raised a grand total of $32,000.

That's according to Library Director Cameron Duff.

He said the book fund challenge is a shout-out by people who don't buy anything during the auction but who call out the amount they'll donate to the library for books and other materials. He said that raised $4,200 during the event, which shows great community support for the library.

Duff said attendance was down this year, which was something known to the event organizers when they saw three Sheridan County football teams headed for championship games on the same night as the auction.

Duff said the auction total at this point isn't final, because there will be some expenses coming out, and there might be some additional donations by people who weren't able to attend the auction. He said it will probably take a couple of months to get the final figures. This year's number was down from a year ago. The 2015 auction brought in $46,000. Still, Duff said this year's $32,000 is nothing to scoff at, and he's thrilled with the support from the community.