Library Board Tables Action on Security Cameras

Members of the Sheridan County Public Library board talked about whether security cameras should be installed in the libraries in the system but tabled the question in their meeting Wednesday night.

Cameron Duff, who's director of the library system, said as the result of an incident at the library in Ranchester, the sheriff's department has strongly suggested that the library and the town of Ranchester consider security cameras.

Duff said police in Sheridan have talked to him for many years about the lack of surveillance at the Sheridan County Fulmer Library.

He said there's nothing that can be put into play to prevent a crime; the issue again is more about helping after the fact.

He said one of the issues with regard to security cameras at the branch libraries is that the county doesn't own the buildings in the three towns. Duff said he also didn't have information regarding the costs for security cameras in time for Wednesday's meeting.

In other matters Wednesday, Duff said the Friends of the Library auction earlier this month grossed around $54,000. He said the net proceeds aren't known at this time, because all of the bills for the event aren't yet in, but the Friends have said they will give the library system $20,000 this month. The balance will be given to the system in April.

Duff said the Friends have stipulated that all of the money is to be used to buy books.