Library Forgives Fines for Donated Foods

Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library -- Photo by Leslie Stratmoen

This is the week in Sheridan County when you can return an overdue library book and be forgiven up to $2 in fines, for each donated food item.

The offer comes as part of the county library system's “Food for Fines” amnesty week, which is a program designed to allow library users an opportunity to clear accounts while giving back to the community. The offer ends Saturday.

The news comes from a release and clarifies that no other fees, like lost or damaged materials, inter-library loans, replacement cards or future overdue fines, are eligible.

After collection, the donated food items will be distributed to local food banks in Sheridan and Story. The most needed items include canned meat, fruit and vegetables, peanut butter and boxed meals. The library will not be accepting any food that's past its expiration date, is in a glass jar or dented can, or is homemade.