Library Must Cut General Fund Revenues

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Sheridan County's library system has to trim $104,000 from from its budget in order to pass scrutiny by county commissioners next month.

Library Director Cameron Duff presented a draft budget to trustees Wednesday night that called for the library to receive just over $1.1 million from the general fund. But Duff said said he needed to reduce the general fund to $1 million, because that's the amount that's available from the county.

The director told trustees that Wednesday's goal was to come up with something he can take to county commissioners at a meeting on April 12. After a discussion with trustees, the director said he will go through the draft budget again to find areas that can be cut, and said the library will probably have to look at reducing staffing levels in July. Trustees also suggested that he consider a reduction in library hours at the library in Sheridan. He said the three branch libraries, in Ranchester, Story and Clearmont, already operate on limited times during the week.

In other action Wednesday night, trustees reviewed the library's policy on “Patron Code of Conduct” and voted to leave the policy as it's currently written. The library director also said the Tongue River branch library in Ranchester closed early Wednesday due to a power outage.