Liz Cheney Issues Statement on Resident Fishing License Fine

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Candidate for U.S. Senate, Liz Cheney, has paid $220 after she was ticketed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for purchasing a resident fishing license when she had only been in state for a few months.

Cheney issued a statement Wednesday night, saying that the purchased the fishing license in case she wanted to fish with a group of wounded veterans with the Rivers of Recovery Program.

In her statement, Cheney says on August 3 of last year, she spent the day on the Snake River with a group of wounded warriors and the Rivers of Recovery organization. Rivers of Recovery provides therapy and treatment to wounded veterans through fly fishing.

Cheney says she didn't know whether she would fish that day, but wanted to have a license just in case. When she went in to purchase a license, Cheney says the clerk asked if she was a resident. She said yes because at the time she was living in Wyoming.

She acknowledges it was her mistake not to realize there was a 365-day requirement to hold a resident license but Cheney says the clerk did not ask how long she had lived in Wyoming.

Cheney says she met with Game and Fish officials in Jackson and paid the requisite fine on August 14. She posted a $220 bond to cover a fine of $180, in addition to court fees and costs.