Local Author Releases New Collaboration

Buffalo Author Steve Rzasa has completed and recently released his newest novel, a collaboration entitled “A Man Disrupted.”

He and co-author Vox Day released the book earlier this month through publisher Marcher Lord Press.

Rzasa said the publisher had made the suggestion the two of them work together on a novel, and this latest work is the final product.
Vox, according to Rzasa, asked him to outline a rough story idea and send him that much of his work for Vox to finish with details and more “embellishment.”

He said the novel is “a science-fiction murder mystery that is also a fun adventure.”

He gives us more details on the story.

He called the story “kind of an NCIS-type, only with a higher body count.”

And the fun twist of the story? Rzasa said the main character's partner is a female sentient computer program that is in his own head, which leads to some interesting and sometimes comical scenarios in the story.

“A Man Disrupted” should be available at local bookstores soon, but can be purchased through Marcher Lord Press or on Amazon in the eBook format.

A sequel to the book is already in the works and may be available in 2014 or early 2015.

For more information on the authors, go to the Marcher Lord Press website. The information is at the end of this story at sheridanmedia.com.