Local Habitat Management Area Closed Temporarily

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has temporarily closed the Amsden Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area northwest of Dayton, to facilitate post wildfire treatments following last month’s Sheep Creek Fire. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

The closure is due to the fact that the Game and Fish, in an effort to reduce the risk of cheatgrass and other noxious weeds becoming established in the burn area, will be applying herbicide via a contracted helicopter.

Sheridan Habitat and Access Coordinator Seth Roseberry said in a news release that, “although there are many natural habitat benefits that will occur following the Sheep Creek wildfire, there is the concern for potential habitat quality loss associated with the establishment of noxious weeds. Roseberry said that the closure will be lifted as soon as the treatment is completed, which he indicated would be within a few days as long as the weather cooperates and there aren’t any mechanical setbacks.