Lohof Beef Focus of Talk at Rotary

Patrick Lohof speaks to Rotary members. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Patrick and Christy Lohof ranch the way ranching used to be done.

That's according to Sheridan Rotary Club member Thayer Shafer, who introduced Patrick Lohof at Thursday's Rotary Club meeting. Lohof and Madeleine Short, one of four interns at the ranch this summer, talked about the ranch's Lohof Grass-Finished Beef product.

Short explained what's different about grass-finished beef.

The ranch is near Otter, Mont. Lohof said the ranch raises red Angus cattle. In addition to the cattle, he said, the ranch also raises free-range chickens and grass-fed milk goats. The ranch markets the meat pretty much to the consumer, he said.

Because of the way the cattle are handled, Short said, they're calmer than cattle raised in many other operations. She said the cattle are moved using what she calls the old-school method.

She said there's no flailing or waving involved, no running around or yelling. She said the goal is to keep the cattle calm, and the way you can tell the cattle are calm is their silence.

She said cattle on the Lohof's ranch are generally quiet. She said that low-stress approach is better for the cattle and results in better meat.

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Slide showing the beef produced by Lohof cattle. (Photo by Pat Blair)