A Look Back in Time: Feb. 26, 1914

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The Wyoming Society of Civil Engineers have gathered here today for a two-day session. F.C. Emerson, president of the organization, arrived here last night with five other engineers from the Basin country.

A large delegation has arrived by train number 42, and another group came here on train 41. The gathering is to get engineers from all over the state, and especially those in the northern part of Wyoming, to become acquainted with each other.

Sheridan's Commercial Club wants to advertise more extensively the advantages of the Sheridan country for tourists. The club at its regular weekly luncheon today voted to put the matter into the hands of a committee of three. Another goal of the club is to assist the area's splendid summer resorts in properly caring for their guests.

Tomorrow, the Welsh of Sheridan and vicinity will celebrate St. David's day with a pleasant social time at the home of Mrs. T.M. Murphy on Broadway. There are several scores of native Welsh in the area, and a large gathering is expected for the celebration. St. David bears the same relation to Wales that St. Patrick does to Ireland.

Company H, the local militia boys, will soon have a better armory than they now have. Plans are under way to convert a garage at the corner of Grinnel avenue and Gould Street into a drill hall for the troops. The garage was formerly occupied by Roy Tarrant. The interior is being remodeled, and as soon as it is finished, the company will move all of its property there from the old city hall on Main Street.

For Sheridan Media, this is Pat Blair, with a look at Sheridan County on Feb. 26, 1914.