A Look Back in Time: Jan. 11, 1914

Now here's Sheridan Media's journey back in time report from one hundred years ago. Here's what The Sheridan Enterprise newspaper reported on this day, Jan. 11 of 1914.

Sheridan's city council appointed U.A.C. Thomas, W.S. McPherren, Joseph Quinn, Henry Walker, Guy Webb and John Parmeter as the new police officers for the coming year.

Thomas and McPherren were the only holdovers from the previous police force.

The council also approved bond for Police Chief W.L. Breen. No assistant chief was named. The police chief would make that decision after he had a chance to study his men.

The current assistant police chief wasn't reappointed to the police force. He and the other officers, not held over, would leave the city's employment as soon as the new police officers were qualified for their duties.