A Look Back in Time: Jan. 29, 1920

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on Jan. 29, 1920.

Conservatively estimated, there will be 6,000 acres of beets planted in the Sheridan territory in 1920, according to E. F. Ogburn. Plans for the coming crop campaign are well under way.

The Sheridan Commercial Club in a meeting tonight will consider motor transportation to adjoining towns and communities in the trade territory of Sheridan.

The Q. E. Q. Girls of Sheridan High School will present plays at the Linden Auditorium tomorrow night to benefit the French orphans.

John C. Lillienthal, aged 31, died at his home on Park street at 4:30 o’clock this morning, of pneumonia following an attack of influenza.

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