Math Students Get Instant Feedback On Classwork

A classroom performance system used to mean the use of the teacher’s grade book decades ago. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher says it means something totally different to today’s high school students.

The popular game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” offered an ask-the-audience lifeline to contestants. Audience members would choose their answers on individual remote control devices and the results would appear on your television screen. Some Sheridan High School math students are using similar devices in class. Math Teacher Gale Smith says the Classroom Performance System, or CPS, is great for students and teachers.

Each student is assigned a specific remote control to make sure that individual grades are recorded accurately. Once quizzes or other materials are entered into the system, they can be easily shared among classrooms, as well.

The newest graphing calculators are also becoming commonplace in the classroom. Smith says the calculators can be integrated into personal computers so that specific data sets and equations can be downloaded to each calculator.

The tools may have changed but the mission remains the same, preparing our youth for the world in which they will live. And they’re going to be living in a new digital age.