Mead and Peterson on Health Care

Today, Wyomingites will go to the polls and decide who is going to be Wyoming's next governor, replacing the current governor, Dave Freudenthal, a Democrat. Currently, most polls put Republican Matt Mead ahead of Democrat Leslie Peterson in the race.

Although there are quite a few areas where Peterson and Mead hold similar positions, health care is not one of them. They were both guests on Public Pulse Monday, and in addressing the issue, Mead says that although “there is no question that health care is an issue in this country and in Wyoming”:

Peterson, on the other hand, says she does not think there is currently an “acceptable alternative”:

She adds that she believes the current healthcare legislation is “far too complex,” but that “fixing it as we go along” will result in coming out “with something better,” rather than repealing the law, which she says is akin to “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”