Memorial Day Remembered

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Nia Cataneo, part of the Civil Air Patrol.

Another rainy day in Sheridan and Memorial Day was no different.

Several folks were lined up on Main Street Monday morning, waiting for the traditional Memorial Day Parade to begin.

Word was spread that the parade was canceled because of rain and the wreath-laying ceremony was moved to the VA auditorium. Several scampered to their cars to try to get to the VA; others simply went home.

It was standing room only at the VA for those who gathered to honor those who have served their country.

Originally called Decoration Day, Officer of the Day, James Craig explains Memorial Day.

Wreaths were solemnly placed on the auditorium stage acknowledging any conflicts Americans have been involved in, but during this part of the ceremony an unexpected event happened.

Nia Cataneo, part of the Civil Air Patrol Color Guard explains.

Mel Heckman, one of only nine Pearl Harbor survivors left in Wyoming was there.

Solemnity, reunion, and celebration, this year was only the second Memorial Day Parade that has been canceled since 1998.