Missing Plane Found: No Survivors

Photo taken just west of the crash site along Indian Pass in the Wind River Mountains of NW Wyoming. Visible in the photo is the trail made by the team of mountaineers who spotted the wreckage as they made their way down the mountainside. (Courtesy Photo)

LANDER, Wyo. (AP) - Searchers in Wyoming say they found the wreckage of a small plane that was carrying four members of a Minneapolis family, and there were no survivors.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Department says the plane was found late Monday in the rugged Wind River mountains. Officials say 40-year-old Luke Bucklin was the pilot and his 14-year-old twins Nate and Nick and 12-year-old son Noah were passengers.

The plane left the Jackson Airport in a snowstorm on October 25th. It disappeared from radar about an hour later. Officials say searchers found the wreckage in a boulder field on a steep mountainside.

A friend says the family had been in Wyoming for a wedding and vacation. Luke Bucklin's wife and another son took a commercial flight home.