Morrison Probation Revoked; On to Prison

19-year-old Zachery Morrison violated his probation and will now be serving 5 - 8 years in prison.

On April 20th of this year, 19-year-old Zachery Morrison was given a suspended sentence and supervised probation per a plea agreement with the State. Morrison had plead guilty in December on one count of sexual abuse of a minor. In handing down that sentence, Judge John Fenn had warned Morrison that the probation was absolutely his last chance, and that if he violated even one rule of his probation, he would be heading to prison.

True to his word, Judge Fenn revoked Morrison's probation in 4th Judicial Court Tuesday and reinstated a sentence of 5 to 8 years in the State Penitentiary. Probation Officer Brandi Clifton testified in court that on several occasions in June, Morrison was caught leaving the VOA Homeless Shelter, where he was authorized to stay, at times when he was not allowed to be gone.

Morrison was also caught numerous times using a computer and a blackberry, both of which could provide access to the Internet. Judge Fenn had strictly prohibited his using the Internet as one of the probation requirements. Morrison told the court that he was only watching movies with a friend, but Clifton testified that investigation revealed he'd gotten onto several social networking sites on which he'd made contact with numerous minor girls around the country, and he'd also accessed dating sites.

Clifton also said that Morrison would not contact her as instructed, and he would show up late for scheduled appointments.

On his behalf, Morrison's attorney, Public Defender Robert Jones asked Judge Fenn to consider sending him to the Juvenile Boot Camp in Newcastle, but Christopher LaRosa, prosecutor for the State, said that given Morrison's immediate violation of his probation and that he's not complete past treatment programs, boot camp would not be a good idea.