Mosquito Control Work Gets Under Way

Efforts are under way to control an annual pest in Sheridan. Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair has the story.

If you think you're seeing more mosquitoes than usual this year, you're probably right. Bill Russell, who's in charge of the city weed and pest program, says wet weather in early June has provided more breeding opportunities for the blood-sucking insects. However, he says, the news isn't all bad.

Ironically, though, when the weather turns hot, the chances increase of mosquitoes passing on diseases like West Nile virus.

He said only a few species of mosquitoes can carry the West Nile virus. However, some of those species can be found in Sheridan County. Russell, whose official title is weed and mosquito technician, said he thinks at least 10 species of mosquitoes can be found here, but he's working on getting someone from the University of Wyoming to perform a study. Worldwide, he added, there are more than 100 species of mosquito.

Mosquito control includes killing both larva and adult mosquitoes. The technician, who works through the Sheridan Recreation District, said there are 42 sites in town where larvicide is used to kill as many juvenile mosquitoes as possible. Then the spraying starts, to kill the adults. Sheridan Media will have more on that later this week.