Mullinax/Zowada Deliberation Hearing

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A special meeting was held Monday morning where Sheridan County Commissioners deliberated for an hour regarding the Zowada's request to establish a private road to their business off of Fort Road. The Commissioners decision several years ago was appealed by the Zowadas and sent back to the County by the Wyoming Supreme Court because the Court felt that the Commission did not make adequate findings of fact, and did not compare the relative costs and benefits of the two options that were considered adequately. Commissioner Steve Maier.

The issue is one that goes back to 2006 when Merlin and Lori Zowada petitioned that a private road be established to access their business after they were notified by Mullinax Concrete that they could no longer use the road to their business that went through Mullinax property. The Commissioners will once again have to make a decision on the issue in the next couple of weeks.