Native Americans Celebrated at Sheridan College

Braylee Armajo, left, speaks to audience. Behind her are MC Leroy Not Afraid and officers of the newly formed Native American Club. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Native American food, music and dancing and presentations by representatives from various tribes marked the first Native American Day celebration at Sheridan College Thursday night.

Speakers included the chairman of the Crow Nation, and officers of the newly formed Native American Club were introduced.

Also introduced was Jonni Joyce, Sheridan College faculty advisor of the Native American Club, who said she was honored to be the club adviser and happy to see the turnout at what has been hailed as the first of many celebrations to come.

The event was organized by Braylee Armajo and her roommate who earlier in the week were victims of racial slurs written on a board they had posted on their door for messages. Armajo said her mother made some fry bread and stew for those who attended the event.

In an interview with Sheridan Media, Armajo explained the reason for the event.

A.J. Not Afraid, who's chairman of the Crow Nation and served in the U.S. Marines, spoke of respect for all.

In an earlier interview, Armajo said Thursday night's rally was just the first step in many events and programs that the Native American Club will be coordinating in the future.

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Crow Nation Chairman A.J. Not Afraid speaks to those attending the event. Behind him is Leroy Not Afraid. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Jonni Joyce, faculty adviser for the Native American Club. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Event attendees visit while in line for food during the event. (Photo by Pat Blair)