Negotiations Continue Over Firefighters' Contract

Sheridan city firefighters and the City Council will have at least one more meeting after failing to reach an agreement in negotiations Monday night.

George Neeson, president of the local firefighters union, told councilors he thought the firemen were a lot closer to accepting the city's proposal, but a few matters remained that still need work. Both sides have agreed on another meeting in the near future.

Among issues for firefighters, Neeson said, is the city's proposal for a two-year contract. He said firefighters wanted a one-year agreement with the city. He talked more about that in an interview with Sheridan Media.

Sheridan Mayor John Heath said the two-year budget has become standard for the city.

He said planning ahead is the smart thing to do for a city budgeting $52 million worth of operations. No date was chosen for the next meeting, but Heath said he was considering next week, ahead of the next city council meeting in May.