New College President Attracted to District, People

New college President Dr. Walter Tribley says both the college district and the people attracted him here. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The new president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District said he was attracted to this area both by the college district and the people he met.

Dr. Walter Tribley said he found many similarities between the district here and the one where he was already working – and then he met the people at the two colleges in Sheridan and Gillette.

In addition to the Sheridan and Gillette colleges, the district also includes the Johnson County Campus in Buffalo.

Dr. Tribley said he believes the colleges are functioning at the highest level. He said that's the way community colleges should function, as community partners, integrated with the community and helping the community achieve its goals.

Dr. Tribley and his wife arrived in Sheridan earlier this month so he could take over the duties of president from Dr. Paul Young, who announced his resignation as president earlier this year. Before coming to Sheridan College, Dr. Tribley was the superintendent/president of the Monterrey Peninsula Community College District in Monterrey, California.

He was selected in March to succeed Dr. Young. Norleen Healy, who chairs the Northern Wyoming Community College board of trustees, said the trustees felt that Dr. Tribley is the best fit for what the college district needs.

Another view of Dr. Tribley. (Photo by Pat Blair)