New Extension Educator Starts This Week

Chance Marshall

New Extension Educator Chance Marshall says his main goal will be to build relationships with producers and ranchers in his service area so he can help them make their operations more profitable.

His area covers five counties in northern Wyoming, including Sheridan and Johnson. He plans to do some traveling as he visits with livestock producers to learn what they need. He says he also will provide them with information on research from the University of Wyoming that they can apply.

The new educator's focus is on livestock and profitable agriculture in his service area, which also includes Campbell, where his offices are, along with Crook and Weston.

He was just completing his first week on the new job Friday, so, he says, he is still learning about this area. But he says with a background in livestock reproduction and artificial insemination, he anticipates educating ranchers and producers in those areas.

He says more than one-quarter of all the cattle in Wyoming are in the five northern counties that he will serve. He adds that most of the ranches in this area are small-acreage operations, and he is familiar with those because he grew up on a small-acreage system in Jackson.

He says his operations will dovetail with those of Sheridan County extension educator Scott Hininger , whose service area includes the same five counties. Hininger's area of expertise is horticulture.