New Owner Says Mossholders Will Keep with Tradition

Aaron Ligocki never imagined when he went to work at Mossholder’s furniture company in Sheridan six years ago that he’d wind up owning the place. But that’s what’s happened. He took over ownership of the century old business last Friday.

As promised our listeners, I met with him after the papers were signed to get a tour.

But, he said, as we moved into the chair and bedroom section, recliners and mattresses are the staples of the business, or “bread and butter” as he called them, especially the mattresses, because they’re a need, not a want.

Since we’d started the tour in the back of the building, where he started as warehouse manager, we made our way to the front of the store. Moving through the living room vignettes, complete with lamps on the tables and paintings on the walls, I asked him if we’d see changes in the store design.

The store is located on Coffeen Avenue, one of Sheridan’s main roadway corridors through town.