NW Water Pipeline Project Can Begin Anytime

Buffalo City Works Director Les Hook gave his report to the city council at their last meeting, saying the Northwest Water Pipeline Project is set and can begin construction at any time.

Hook will not allow them to put frost back in the ditch with the pipeline, so the contractors are opting to begin at a later date, likely toward the end of March.

The South Tank and Pipeline Project will go to bid as soon as all of the easements for the project are secured.

City crews, he said, have been picking up snow over the last few weeks and putting down gravel, and will now be picking the sand and gravel back up. He said ice and snow are pretty much taken care of on city streets, although there are some trouble spots that are always in shaded areas where snow and ice collects and re-freezes. Crews will be watching those areas.

Hook was asked if the contractor at the Sports Fields Complex was contacted about problems that need to be corrected there.

Hook reported “a lot of frost” in the ground so far this year.