NWCCD; CWC Work for Budget Amendment to Secure Capital Improvement Funds

Sheridan College President, Dr. Paul Young

Funding from the State, along with matching funds locally could bring about significant capital improvements at Central Wyoming College in Fremont County and at Sheridan College in Sheridan. Sheridan Media was able to speak this morning to Sheridan College President, Dr. Paul Young, who is leaving the Nation's Capitol and heading to Wyoming's Capitol.

He has been in Washington D.C. meeting with other community college leaders from around the country as they address funding issues and value propositions on a federal level with members of Congress.

Joking that he's involved in “Shuttle Diplomacy” as he travels from D.C. to Cheyenne, Dr. Young explains how Central Wyoming College and Sheridan are the two colleges involved in the attempt to secure funding from the State.

So just what are these projects that, if all goes well with their efforts before the State Legislature this week, will enhance learning at both institutions?

Cost of the Central Wyoming College project is $18 million; cost for the new Academic Center at Sheridan College is $15.2 million. Sheridan College has been in conversation since 2008 with Whitney Benefits regarding a $7.5 million match. Senator John Schiffer and other local legislators have been working on the proposal as well.

We will certainly keep you informed as this works its way through the House this week.