OCA And MDU Reach An Agreement

The Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocate has reached an agreement with Montana Dakota Utilities regarding the proposed utility rate increase. The stipulation agreement states that the increase would be $3.2 million and would be phased in over a three year period. In the first year, an increase of $1.8 million or 8.93%, will be implemented on May 1st, 2010. The remaining $1.4 million of the increase will be deferred until year two. This means that the average residential customer would incur an increase of 7.1% in phase one of the increase, and up to 8.4% in phase two over the second and third year of the increase.

Secretary and Chief Counsel for the Wyoming Public Service Commission Chris Petrie says the agreement still needs to be considered by the Commission.

The $3.2 million increase is down from the $6.1 million that MDU initially proposed, and later dropped to just over $5 million in January. The entire stipulation agreement can be viewed by clicking here: http://psc.state.wy.us/htdocs/dw...