One Cent Special Purpose Tax Begins in April

The City of Buffalo had a ballot measure in the November 2018 election for a special purpose one-cent tax that would pay for improvements and infrastructure of city streets and roads, which the voters in the county approved.

Former Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson explained at an earlier chamber lunch what the money will repair.

The additional one-cent sales tax will take effect in Johnson County on April 1st, setting the county's total sales tax rate at 6%.

According to Johnson, it is estimated that at the current collection rate of sales taxes in the county, the $7.1 million needed for the projects would be raised in about four years, at which point the tax will sunset, or end.

There have been 11 separate road projects that have been identified that will need work in the near future with an estimated total cost of $22 million, and the the possibility exists the city may consider asking for another special purpose tax after the current one sunsets.