Painting Donated to Wyoming Room

Library Specialist Barbara Osborne, Kim Fuka, donor of the painting being held, and Al Badgett, who holds Natalie Wright's power of attorney that made the donation possible. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A painting by artist Ed Smyth of another Sheridan artist, the late Bill Wright, was donated this week to the Wyoming Room of the Sheridan County Fulmer Library.

Sheridan Media interviewed Ranchester artist and businessman Kim Fuka, who donated the piece.

The painting of Wright will be placed next to a watercolor rendering that Wright did of Smyth. Fuka said the two artists were friends. Fuka said he has 90 of Wright's works on exhibit at his Gallery-in-de-Skies in Ranchester. He said the works are in a multitude of media including oil, acylic, tempera, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and pen-and-ink.

He said exhibit is now open to the public for bids, with the proceeds to be used to help with medical costs for Wright's widow, Natalie. Fuka said she's a former teacher and librarian, and is currently living at Westview Health Care Center.