Park Reservoir Controlled Release

Sheridan County Emergency Management and the State Engineer’s Office/Water Division II, issued a joint news release Monday that states that the Park Reservoir Company will begin a controlled release early Tuesday morning.

Stream flows on the East Fork of Big Goose Creek and other mountain tributaries rose significantly over the weekend and will continue to rise, with the warm weather that’s forecast through the week. The news release indicates that the controlled release is necessary to safely pass the higher stream flows and to ensure the integrity of facilities at Park Reservoir.

The controlled release, along with contributions from other tributaries, will lead to Big Goose Creek again rising late Tuesday afternoon on into Wednesday. The release will strictly be equal to or below the inflows into the reservoir and will not involve any previously stored water. This release is unavoidable and necessary and has been conjointly discussed and accepted by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office, Sheridan County Emergency Management, Sheridan County Engineer, Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners, and the City of Sheridan.

The main area of concern of possible flooding is on Big Goose Creek west of Sheridan through Kendrick Park. Other local streams could be affected as well, if thunderstorms materialize and produce additional precipitation. According to the National Weather Service in Billings, the greatest chance for rain is from Friday through Sunday. Additional state resources are again being deployed to Sheridan as a precautionary measure. A supply of pre-filled sandbags are located at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.