People Turn Out for Dayton Days

Two teams play a game of "Knocker Ball" during Dayton Days. (Photo by Pat Blair)

People flocked to Dayton's Scott Bicentennial Park this weekend for games, food and fun during the 40th annual Dayton Days celebration.

Indian tacos, kettlecorn, beer and lemonade were included on the menu, and booths provided a chance for activities ranging from revealing your personality through a kiss to a chance to dunk elementary school teacher Joey Kozlowski in a water-filled tank.

The “kissology” booth was operated by Mary Kay consultant Aerelle Wooldridge, who explained the concept.

Wooldridge has attended Dayton Days previously, but this was her first year to have a booth at the event. She said she loves meeting new people and was having a lot of fun. Another group at Dayton Days was the Tongue River Quilt Club, an organization in the Ranchester-Dayton area. Club member Teri Laya explained what they were doing.

Laya said the club has participated at Dayton Days off and on for about five years. Dayton Days started Friday with the Cow Pie Classic at the Lomax Ranch, followed by a pet parade in the town's park.

Events continued Saturday with the Dayton-Ranchester Rotary Club's Pancake Breakfast, a parade down Main Street and a duck race, among other activities. Dayton Days is held to commemorate the town's incorporation in 1909.

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Elementary teacher Joey Kozlowski of Ranchester has the "hot seat" at the dunking booth. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Monique Robinson, left, of Dayton and Lauretta Scobee of Ranchester register for this year's quilt giveaway. Teri Laya checks the forms. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Aerelle Wooldridge staffs the Mary Kay "kissology" booth. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Dayton Days attendees visiting near the bounce house in the park. (Photo by Pat Blair)