Phoenix Limited Purchases Downtown Building for Senior Center Thrift Shop

Standing in front of the historic building are, from left, Ian Knutson, Traci Rukowsky, Carmen Rideout, Beth Holsinger, Rindy West, Haley Roberts and Pat Schwaiger. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

The Sheridan Senior Center’s thriving thrift store called the Green Boomerang is moving from Coffeen onto Main Street. The store will occupy the location formerly leased by Dan’s Western Wear due to the purchase of the building, specifically for the store, by Phoenix Limited Partnership.

A media event announcing the purchase was held today at the new store location, which is in the 200 block of North Main Street.

Senior Center Director Carmen Rideout said they’re thrilled to have the new space for their successful business venture, which has only been open for about a year. They embraced the concept of the thrift store, she said, because offerings of donations had already been talked about for years, and they, like all senior centers across the country, need to find new ways to generate revenue.

Beth Holsinger, who is the executive director of the Downtown Sheridan Association, said members of her organization were thrilled to see the building finally have a new owner and business. She said finding a private party to invest in this "historical treasure" is the best possible outcome and the fact that its use will benefit the senior center is an added bonus.