Planner Discusses Issues With Buffalo Council

Buffalo's Planning Director Lynn Barrett updated the city council on a number of things she is currently working on, ranging from the proposed dog park to funding for the old Clear Creek School Building.

She reported no new Planning and Zoning requests have come through her office yet this month.

She said the Vision Buffalo Commission has put design recommendations for the Lobban/Fetterman Street improvement project at the top of their priority list for grant funding this year.

She told the council what else the VBC is
working on.

The committee responsible for proposals for the Cowboy Carousel Center Project received two submissions and felt they were “lacking.” They decided to re-advertise for proposals with money from the Wyoming Business Council, and they have already received a number of other proposals. The new deadline for proposals is March 28th.

She reported on the last Planning and Zoning Meeting and what they

Finally, she reported that the Wyoming Business Council approved the $1 million grant request for the old Clear Creek School Building. The request will now go before the State Lands and Investments Board (SLIB)at their meeting in April for their approval.