Planning Commission Approves Variance For Setback

The Buffalo Planning and Zoning Commission had discussion on and eventually took action on a variance request for a lot line setback on a landowner's two lots in the Burlington Addition to the City of Buffalo.

Bill Driskill owns two lots, the south half of Lots 2 and 3 in Block 54 of the Addition, with an address of 616 N. DeSmet Avenue.
He approached the commission with a request for the setback which would allow him to build two townhomes on the existing lot.
Each townhome will be built on its own lot, but the two garages will be built adjacent to each with a common firewall between them.

Buffalo Planning Director Lynn Barrett gave more details on the proposed housing project.

There were two neighbors of this property that inquired about the proposed project, but after Barrett gave them specifics on the plans, neither one had problems with it moving forward.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend to the city council that they grant the setback variance for the project, which they will likely see at their next meeting April 5th.