Play Leads Characters Down Path Of Destruction

Carriage House Theater

Two sets of parents, each defending the actions of their child, leads seemingly reasonable adults down the path of destruction for the upcoming Sheridan Civic Theater Guild play.

The plot is one all parents can relate to, according to Assistant Director Kara Bacon, plus the play's set in modern times, produced just five years ago in London.

She describes “God of Carnage” as a comedy, based on a tragic event – a fight between two boys in a park, during which, one boy gets his teeth knocked out. She says the plot evolves, or rather dissolves, when the parents try to resolve the issue in the living room of one of their homes. As they try to act mature and handle the matter like adults, she says, one derogatory comment leads to another and the accusations fly.

The story's been fun to bring to life, according to two of the actors -- Sonja Luckow, “a newbie,” as she calls herself, and actor Darrell White, who has at least a couple of shows under his belt, including last year's gala “Anything Goes.”

The show takes the stage for the next three weekends at the historic Carriage House Theater on Dephi Avenue in Sheridan. Curtains go up for the evening performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30.

The Sunday matinees start at 2. Tickets are $15 or $12 for students and seniors, available in advance at the WYO Theater on Main Street or at the door. The play is rated PG-13 for graphic language.