Poll Question: Micheli's Letter and Your Vote

A good idea or a bad idea?

Last week, media outlets around the state reported on a letter of character reference that Gubernatorial Republican candidate Ron Micheli wrote at the request of Ty McDowell's defense team. McDowell, who has come be known as the Craigslist Rapist, recently received a 60-year sentence for raping a Casper woman in December of 2009.

Sheridan Media gave Micheli a chance to give his side of the story on Public Pulse July 15th, when he explained that he and his wife knew McDowell as a youth and taught him in Sunday School. He wrote the letter, he said, because it was a legal request. He said that it was a factual letter indicating what his family knew of the Ty McDowell with whom they'd had interactions, but added that he in no way condones McDowell's crime and supports the sentence.

The issue prompted this week's Bank of Sheridan / sheridanmedia.com poll question: “Will Ron Micheli's letter of support for convicted Craigslist rapist Ty McDowell influence your vote in the Primary Election?”

Let us know what you think. Cast your vote on our homepage and feel free to leave appropriate comments. Then be sure to tune in to NewsTalk 930 KROE to hear the results this Friday morning on the Jackson Electric Open Line.